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Shimshon Eats Jerusalem

Plot Summary

Australian-born, Jerusalem-based viral food reviewer and cultural commentator Shimshon Sam Leshinsky is on a mission to find Jerusalem’s best new restaurants and immigrant-run businesses. What quirky observations will he make along the way? Described by fans as a unique mashup between mockumentary and food show, Shimshon Eats Jerusalem provides a unique insight into the intersection between small business and immigrant life in Jerusalem’s colorful English-speaking community.

Cast And Crew

Food reviewer – Shimshon Sam Leshinsky

Series Producer, Editor – Daniel Rosehill

Camera 2 and DP: Marcus James

Still photographers: Dana Laura Lavi, Larry Brandt

Voiceover artist: Michael N / HaRamyan

Series Stills

Episode Guides, Season 1

S01:E04 – The Shawarma “Meat Up”

Much to the chagrin of local out-of-work tour guides, Shimshon announces a surprise shawarma “meat up” one day in Jerusalem and leads a group of his social media followers to three of his favorite shawarma establishments in the city: Aka, Turkishuk, and Mitzle. Shimshon unexpectedly appoints two attendees “panelists” and they, in turn, offer their feedback on the food. (Full version and highlights)

S01:E03 – The Clal Building

Shimshon convenes a group meetup exploring Jerusalem’s Clal Building. Hilarity quickly ensues as Shimshon takes guest on a series of unexpected “landmarks” in the building including a disused laser printer, past a sex shop, and to what Leshinsky claims was the scene of a prior murder. (Full version and highlights)

S01:E02 – The Hineni Soup Kitchen

Shimshon visits the Hineni Soup Kitchen and sees the impressive work of the soup kitchen in providing meals to those in need. He also samples some of their soups and comments on their (alleged) use of soup powder for which Leshinsky scolds management. Manager Benjamin Philip provides insight into the challenges the organization is facing in feeding Jerusalem’s hungry. After resolving their dispute over soup powder usage, Leshinsky and Philip share a warm embrace. (Full version)

S01:E01 – The Yolo Bakery

Ahead of Russian New Year, Shimshon Leshinsky visits the recently opened Yolo Bakery in downtown Jerusalem and offers immigrant owner Sasha Gelfund some heartfelt advice on his pricing structure and food. Gelfund provides insight on the premises’ oven which he constructed himself over the course of a month. (Full version)

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